Bio-Based products, all markets Booth A2-B2


Bio-based products are products which componants (molecules, monomeres, …) are partially or totally coming from biomass.

The bio-based content can be described according to the standard EN 16785 (Cf. CEN TC411 Bio-based Products standardization).

The possibilities of raw materials sourcing are broad which convey a real potential of innovation.

We find bio-based products in various final applications for the specific functions they bring to the formula, either technical, economical, social or

Sector of activity

  • Bio Based Pilot Unit
  • Chemical Companies
  • End-Users - Bio-based product developers
  • Feedstock Producers and Processors
  • Financiers
  • Government, Policy, NGO and Industry Organisations
  • Industrial Biotechnology Companies
  • Process Engineering Companies
  • Technology and Solution Providers - Engineering
  • Venture Capitalists and Investors