Plant Based Summit


Matti Heikkilä




Matti has a Biotech Engineering degree and an MBA with 17 years of experience in bio-based industries, starting with Genencor/DuPont where he was leading a global engineering team responsible for the development of the Industrial Bioscience Division’s process technologies and competencies. During his career, he has had various international leadership roles and organizational development responsibilities. During his 8 years at MetGen, he has been responsible for manufacturing, the development of technologies and new business as well as, marketing, and financing. In 2018 he was awarded the CTO of the Year title in Finland. In his subsequent role as a COO he has driven innovation and growth of the company as a part of the external ecosystem: He aims to strengthen the organization and internal competencies and build external value-chains and partnerships to drive innovation. As an international networker, Matti has always been driven to innovation, radical rather than incremental. Matti strongly believes in the power of open innovation to drive change in the bio-based and chemical industries. With this mindset, he has successfully created, developed, scaled up, and commercialized several new bio-industry technologies. He can create a comprehensive vision and communicate the executable strategy to the stakeholders throughout the value chain. Matti has successfully lead MetGen and consortiums of companies to be a part of numerous commercial joint ventures, R&D projects, capital investment projects, and 12 European Horizon2020 projects. This collaborative action has provided the participating companies with private and public funding to drive the new technologies quickly through technology readiness levels to industrial and commercial maturity.

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