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F. El Garah is Assistant Professor (MCF) of organic chemistry at the Faculty of Pharmacy of Toulouse and co-animator of the Biofilms Engineering group in the BioSyM department of the Laboratoire de Génie Chimique (LGC). F. El Garah qualified as an engineer in chemistry in 2006. She obtained a PhD in organic chemistry from the University of Toulouse in March 2010 (EU-FP6 program) under the supervision of Drs. A. Robert and B. Meunier (CNRS, Toulouse) and Pr P. O’Neill (Liverpool, UK). In 2011, she received “Le Prix de la Recherche” of Le Monde journal for her thesis work. After a post-doctoral (CNRS, 1 year) and an ATER (UPS, 2 years) contracts, she joined LGC in 2014. Fatima works in several areas of synthetic organic chemistry with a strong emphasis on drug-design, and medicinal chemistry of anti-biofilm compounds, targeting the process of bacterial cell-cell communication, also called Quorum Sensing. She is also interested in exploring marine algae as source of natural anti-biofilm agents. The aim of F. El Garah projects is to conduct fundamental studies to further understand and explore bacterial biofilms, to ultimately develop innovative anti-biofilm strategies, with applications in health and in industry.

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