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Solubility | Stability | Extended release | Ingredients | R&D. PhD in organic chemistry and R&D engineer.


Dr. Dimitri Alvarez-Dorta received his PhD at La Laguna University in 2010 (Tenerife, Spain). He worked under the guidance of Professor E. Suarez in the field of glycochemistry. After a postdoctoral position in 2011 at the IIQ (Seville, Spain), he moved in 2013 to the CEISAM laboratory (Nantes, France) to work in the area of glycochemistry and protein bioconjugations. Currently he works as RD engineer at CAPACITES corporation, in the field of glycotechnology and enzymology. -- CAPACITÉS, a private subsidiary of the University of Nantes, offers R&D services based on multidisciplinary research skills to support companies in multiple sectors of activity (health, nutraceuticals, cosmetics, and fine chemistry). This event is for us the opportunity to exchange with the actors of cosmetics, nutraceuticals, health and biotechnologies on potential cross-interests in : - MICROALGAE CULTURE: from screening to scaling up the culture process - EXTRACTION AND PURIFICATION PROCESSES: development of eco-extraction processes that considerably reduce solvent consumption - MICROENCAPSULATION: improving the solubility and stability of active ingredients using cyclodextrins - BIODEGRADABILITY AND ECOTOXICITY: automation and development of analytical methods to comply with REACH regulations (ocde301b) - ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE / PROBABILIST MODELING: Explainable AI for prediction & decision support From project engineering through the design of specific solutions to process validation and technology transfer, our engineers and technicians support companies in their innovation projects. [KEYWORDS] - industrial culture of microalgae, molecular synthesis, sugar-protein recognition, biocatalysis, biodegradability analysis, ecotoxicity, molecule extraction, enzymatic extraction, purification, biomass, peptides, ingredients, proteins and lipids, AI (Artificial Intelligence), Deep learning, Data Science.

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