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Gert-Jan Gruter has a background in Polymers (DSM 1993-2000; Professor of Polymer Catalysis at TU/e 1999-2006). In 2000 he transferred to Avantium. As CTO he initiated technologies to produce FDCA and MEG from carbohydrates and PEF polyester for bottles, fibers and film. Gruter is also working on DAWN biorefining (2G glucose) and electrocatalytic CO2 reduction as well as downstream monomers (oxalic acid, glycolic acid) and subsequent polyesters. Gruter is inventor on more than 100 PCT patents. He was elected “2014 European CTO of the year”. As Professor Industrial Sustainable Chemistry at the UvA, he works on sustainable polyesters, biodegradation and chemical recycling, consumer psychology and ocean plastics.

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