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NOVASEP site’s visit

Novasep Saint-Maurice-de-Beynost

Resume of site visit:

  • The objective of the visit to the Novasep Saint-Maurice-de-Beynost site is to show, and demonstrate to the PBS attendees Novasep’s capabilities relating to the development and supply of  Industrial scale processes for the purification of valuable molecules derived from plant materials.

Description of the company:

  • Novasep is a leading provider of services in the field of molecule production and purification for the life science and chemical industries, with a range of specialized technologies. The group has more than 1,400 employees worldwide. Our Process Solutions Business Unit serves markets that include food & functional ingredients, and fermentation-based products, supplying purification systems and turnkey process lines. Our offering includes process development services, process piloting, process design, engineering, systems supply, commissioning, and after sales support.

Novasep Industrial Biotechnology Division description:

  • Novasep Process Solutions Business Unit specializes in solving purification challenges, from process development to supply of industrial scale production lines. Novasep is the foremost provider for the development of downstream purification processes in bio-based applications including proteins, amino acids, sugars, and sweeteners. Our unique know-how in purification technologies including chromatography, membrane filtration, ion exchange, adsorption, evaporation, and crystallization enables us to offer to our customers optimum purification solutions. Our proprietary computer modeling tools help to speed up our customers process development and optimization.
    Novasep Process Solutions Business Unit has R&D, engineering, and fabrication capabilities in France, China, and the US providing worldwide support to our customers projects.
    Specifically, in relation to plant-based molecules Novasep has for many years been applying its technologies at industrial scale for the manufacture of products such as sucrose from beet and cane, sweeteners from starch derivatives, and proteins from various substrates, supporting our customer’s manufacturing strategies by optimising process CAPEX and OPEX to ensure cost-effective manufacturing.
    More recently Novasep has been involved in projects to develop purification lines for the production of C5 and C6 sugars (for the production of Bio-chemicals), from 2nd generation lignocellulosic feedstocks, applying its technologies to remove impurities such as lignin, salts, proteins, organic acids, colour, to acheive high purity commercially viable sugars. 



  1. You must have booked your conference pass AND also register for your visit(s).
  2. You can attend the NOVASEP visit in the morning and the PROCESSIUM visit in the afternoon.
  3. You have to register for each visit you wish to attend.
  4. All registrations are submitted to the validation of the company organizing the visit.

Transportation will be arranged by Novasep:

  • 8:30 am – Departure from Cité internationale of LYON
  • 12:00 pm – Return to Cité internationale of LYON