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B4C - Bioeconomy For Change

Stand: A02

Company's description

B4C is the French cluster dedicated to the Bioeconomy. It gathers 500+ stakeholders from farmercooperatives, research organisations, universities and VCs to start-ups, SMEs and large industries, including end-users, around valorisation of renewable resources. B4C focus on ingredients for food and feed, bio-based chemicals, biomaterials, advanced biofuels and biogas as well as the production of renewable resources (crops, forestry and marine biomass). Its activities focus on supporting the development of the innovation and industrialization of bioeconomy’s technologies in France, Europe and in particular the regions of Haut-de-France, Grand Est and Normandy. Our objectives are to develop, support and strenghten the French bioeconomy, boost the competitiveness of biobased industries and support job creation by leveraging innovation, training and partnership opportunities. Since 2005, 350+ projects have been supported and launched by IAR with a total R&I budget of 3,0+ bn€.

Company's activity sectors

Bio Based Pilot Unit
Bio-based Chemical Companies
Chemical Companies
End-Users - Bio-based product developers
Venture Capitalists and Investors
Technology and Solution Providers
Government, Policy, NGO and Industry Organisations

End-use market(s) products the company addresses

All end-use markets