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Metropolitan area at 45’ from Paris, Greater Reims is well connected to European cities through high-speed train, highways and air (30’ from Paris Roissy Charles de Gaulle international airport). Greater Reims is a urban community in Grand Est Région. Encompassing an agricultural countryside with lots of biomass Grand Reims is home of one of the largest integrated biorefinery. Greater Reims is supporting company implementation and long term academic and scientific partnerships at the European Center of Biotechnology and Bioeconomy. Bioeconomy starts here!

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Rural and urban territory hosting over 50 companies involved in the bioeconomy, Greater Reims is home of one of the largest integrated biorefinery in the world: -4 Mt of biomass processed/y; -7 global players (1 200 jobs) transforming grains, sugarbeet and wood into sugar, starch, cosmetic ing., fine chemicals, ethanol, pellets etc. -An open technological platform and a demonstration unit owned by ARD; -200 on-site international scientists specializing in plant fractionation, biotechnology, green chemistry, biorefinery processes , AI, , biopesticides… -A 240 ha experimental farm for upstream resource management; -“Reims Bioeconomy Park” business park dedicated to bio-related activities. 30 minutes from Paris Charles-de-Gaulle airport, expand your business and your know-how by investing the best ecosystem: the Grand Reims welcomes you and gives you the key to your succes!





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