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Bioréa produces biomass of various microorganisms by fermentation (microalgae, vegetal cells, fungi, bacteria) thanks to an Airlift patented technology. There are 3 main activities: - tailor made fermentation and scale-up (CMO) - production of Chlorella - sale of the CiYOU, benchtop bioreactor

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Technology and Solution Providers
Industrial Biotechnology Companies

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Other end-use market(s)

Other end-use market(s)

Nutraceutics, Aquaculture, Food, Biostiumulants

Description of the company's solutions

Subsidiary of Agrial, Bioréa is your fermentation expert for cultivation of various microorganisms as microalgae, vegetal cells, fungi, bacteria. We use our patented Airlift technology that allows us to cultivate fragile microorganisms, shearing forces sensitive, with more efficiency. Our principal work is tailor make fermentation and scale-up for customers. Thanks to 15 years of biotechnology expertise, we are able to 'de-risk' your project from R&D to production. We are your CMO partner and we work step by step to provide you industrial volumes, powder or liquid form. We are also a producer of Chlorella biomass as for aquaculture market. Discover and enjoy our Airlift technology, available at benchtop scale with the CiYOU “Cultivate it Yourself”, bioreactor by Bioréa dedicated to laboratories and schools.







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