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The Association for Plant Based Chemistry (ACDV), the media group Infopro Digital and IAR co-organize the Plant Based Summit. Promoting the industrial development of biobased chemical production in France and Europe, the ACDV and INFOPRO Digital serve the complete value chain of the biobased economy.


Founded at the end of 2007 at the initiative of agro and chemical industry players in France, the Association Chimie du Végétal (ACDV) gathers around fi fty members. Its role is to promote plant-based chemistry as part of the bioeconomy and support its economic development both in France and in Europe. ACDV proposes and creates the industrial, economic and political conditions conducive to the development of the biobased products in a competitive, responsible and sustainable way.

Spearheading association in Europe, the ACDV is:

  • Representing and promoting bio-based products, dynamic part of the bioeconomy
    The Association drafts a serie of common positions and arguments, aimed at players in the bio-based chemical industry and stakeholders so as to build an appropriate framework for the development of bio-based chemical intermediates and materials.
  • Embarking the downstream value chain
    To discuss various paths of action and development strategies for different market sectors (e.g. construction, coating, home & personal care, transport, and packaging).
  • Identifying major challenges facing the industry
    This involves guiding the industry towards promising areas and to promote innovation, particularly in biorefi neries eco-systems and biotechnologies. To stay fully up-dated on stakes to tackle, the building of PBS program every two years is a must.
  • Economic and technical intelligence
    This involves continuous investigations to evaluate worldwide state-of-arts and markets dynamics (biopolymers SWOT analysis, biomass availability, economical observatory, French and European authorities study committee, public procurement opportunities…).
  • Sustainability: standardization and Life Cycle Analysis (LCA)
    By animating the AFNOR group X85 bio-based products, ACDV contributes to build useful standards to industry (biobased content determination and labeling, terminology, …).
    ACDV regularly organizes workshops upon the LCA guidelines they developped and develop useful guidelines to frame and strengthten communication on sustainability.

Infopro Digital

INFOPRO Digital is a leading player in the business-to-business information media in France. Among others, the group edits the leading magazines Formule Verte, Info Chimie, Industrie Pharma, L’Usine Nouvelle, Emballages and LSA. It organizes more than 200 events in sectors like automotive, aeronautics, coatings, chemistry, packaging,… key industrial end-users for the biobased products.

  • Turning information into performance, our offer is designed to enhance growth and profitability of our client’s businesses, through our multimedia offers ranging from software, databases and websites, to magazines, tradeshows and events. We typically help our clients to better understand their own customers, to improve both the quality and effectiveness of their communication with them and help them target new customers.
  • Infopro Digital publishes 30 trade magazines specialized in manufacturing, automobiles, distribution, insurance and tourism. Most of our periodicals are leaders in their markets and have a combined regular readership of 1.5 million.


IAR is the French cluster dedicated to the Bioeconomy. It brings together more than 350 stakeholders from farmer cooperatives, research organisations, universities and VCs to start-ups, SMEs and large industries, including end-users, around a common goal: the optimal valorisation of renewable resources. IAR’s strategic axis are: bio-based chemicals, biomaterials, advanced biofuels and biogas, ingredients for food and feed as well as renewable resources Its activities focus on supporting the development of the bioeconomy in France and more specifi cally in the regions of Haut-de-France and Grand Est.

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