Plant Based Summit

Food-Nutraceutical Ingredients

Sep 23rd | 01:05 pm - 02:25 pm


What is the place of bio-based food ingredients? With the changes in production systems (fields of the future, materials, polymers, amino acids, enzymes, etc.), what markets are open to these new molecules with high added value? How to use algae for the development of dyes? Chairperson: Olivier ROLLAND (TWB) - Estimation and exploitation of oak bark and callus culture as a source of plant metabolites for dietary supplements (LITHUANIAN RESEARCH CENTRE FOR AGRICULTURE AND FORESTRY - LAMMC) - Valorizing food by- products in green & clean emulsions better for our environment and our skin: AgroParisTech and JRS expertise in Pickering emulsions (JRS RETTENMAIER FRANCE & AGROPARISTECH) - Gentle drying process for thermosensitive compounds (FLUID AIR/SPRAYING SYSTEMS) - Improving the solubility and stability of active compounds through encapsulation with cyclodextrin (CAPACITES SAS) - From the Microalgae to the nutraceutical ingredient for the cognitive decline prevention related to ageing (MICROPHYT - BRAINPHYT ) SPONSORED BY: FLUID AIR/SPRAYING SYSTEMS & JRS RETTENMAIER FRANCE

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