Plant Based Summit

Wood road to biobased polymers & biobased materials

Sep 23rd | 01:05 pm - 02:25 pm


Can wood chemistry be economically viable? What business case for wood chemistry? What constraints should be lifted and how? What role for policy? Chairperson: Bernard DE GALEMBERT, Manager (BIOCHEM EUROPE & CEFIC) * Stand up for future generations – Products from wood provide a natural solution (LENZING GROUP) * The Borregaard Biorefinery – making the most out of the wood log (BORREGAARD) * Bioeconomy in Europe: focus on the wood value chain (SAO PAULO INTENSA BANK) * The future of plastics. From fossil oil/gas to forestry residues as feedstock for commodity polymers (AVANTIUM) * (CENTRE TECHNIQUE DU PAPIER) * (BLOOM BIORENEWABLES) * (EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT)

The session's speakers