Plant Based Summit

Eco-design, Biodegradability, Traceability

Sep 23rd | 10:40 am - 12:00 pm


Today’s industry implies new technical challenges and new process to poduce in the shortest amount of time. Nevertheless, a cleaner production means to mobilize time and people to figure out new ways to improve the production but also the products’ composition (raw materials, effects on nature and humans, traceability, biodegrability…). What are the new procedures and solutions ? Which levers for improvement can be arisen? Chairman: Johan De Coninck, Director of Networks, Entreprises & International Development, IAR - The French Bioeconomy Cluster - From the concept of biodegradation tests to the development of automated platforms to facilitate chemical fate assessments for industry (CAPACITES SAS) - EcoXtract: a bio-based solution for extraction of natural products (ECOXTRACT) - Stable and unstable isotopes fingerprints for biobased qualification, classification and certification (CIRAM) - The following company’s subtopic is currently being finalised: (ORINEO)

The session's speakers