Plant Based Summit

Citizens’ and consumers’ expections to boost biobased markets?

Sep 23rd | 09:30 am - 10:30 am


The search for better designed and more environmentally-friendly products/goods is becoming more and more important in the consciousness. Does this echo a real citizen’s will or a consumer’s will? What tools should be put in place to respond to it? Through what pedagogy? Internationally, what are the points of convergence and divergence of consumer expectations? Chairperson: Bioeconomy is an important part of the Renewable Carbon Economy, Michael CARUS, CEO (NOVA INSTITUT) - From BIOVOICES and Biobridges projects' experience to Transition2Bio (LOBA) - Fundamental understanding of biodegradability (BASF SE) - New cooperation model to ensure full traceability of natural resources in the cosmetics field (L’ORÉAL RESEARCH & INNOVATION, LVMH RESEARCH)

The session's speakers