Plant Based Summit

Biobased paints, coatings, sealants & adhesives

Sep 22nd | 04:50 pm - 06:10 pm


«Mature» market segment: biobased paints continue to grow. The parameters of economic viability are in fact achieved in terms of performance on all the criteria of the sector (ease of application, durability, odor, etc.), price competitiveness, and response to the environmental sensitivity of consumers, which is increasingly present, especially among young people (under 30 years old). Manufacturers are not mistaken, including in the «Pro» market segment, by investing heavily in plant sourcing. However, there are different approaches depending on the target of the products: - Professional market (BtoB): customers’ expectations remain at the level of product performance, with the «biobased» dimension still seen as secondary - it remains little claimed because its value to the end-customer is not yet very promising. However, manufacturers are investing massively in R&D on developments because they anticipate a strong evolution in demand in these areas. Demand is beginning to emerge in certain countries, such as Switzerland and Germany. However, the availability of certain biobased raw materials and their higher costs (compared to a fossil raw material) remain two current constraints. - Construction market (BtoC): As the claim «biobased» is still little recognized, the (real) interest in plant sourcing is above all as a lever to meet the major challenges of the company, which are the reduction of the carbon footprint, the development of short circuits (European biomass), The search for functionalities such as biodegradability, ... To integrate the strategic vision of the company, the «plant sourcing» reflection must be articulated with other tools and reflections such as LCA, circular economy, .... Chairperson: Kristel ONS, Secretary General (FEICA) - Plant-powered coatings: Achieving high performance with plant-based ingredients (COVESTRO and ALLIOS)) - Moving towards biobased architectural coatings with outstanding performances (ECOAT) - Blanchon group, biobased is part of our long-term strategy (GROUPE BLANCHON) - Bio-sourced and natural substances in deco-paint (EUROBIORG)

The session's speakers