Plant Based Summit

The Biobased innovation contribution to CSR policies

Sep 23rd | 01:05 pm - 02:25 pm


In recent years, we have witnessed an increase in awareness among companies concerning recycling and nature conservation actions. How can we encourage them to take greater ownership of the subject of biodiversity? From a production point of view, how can we preserve local biodiversity while securing plant matter for the constitution of a product? What role and messages do compannies carry? Chairperson: Sophie Marquis, Secretary General, ACDV - Strategic dimension of EU biobased amino acids production (METEX NOOVISTAGO) - Sea: nice waves to Ecodesign (SEPPIC) - Eiffage low-carbon strategy : how our Road industry preserves ressources. The use of bio-based products as substitute of petroleum-based products (EIFFAGE) - Circular bioeconomy for a more sustainable model (AFYREN)

The session's speakers