Plant Based Summit

Biorefineries for a circular bioeconomy

Sep 22nd | 04:50 pm - 06:10 pm


Europe has recognized bioeconomy as part of the circular economy. Biorefineries are key components of that circularity as they provide the opportunity to valorise every fraction of the biomass. But each biorefinery is a different model and a source of specific value streams for biobased products. At the same time as former food/feed focused industrial units broaden their output with biobased chemicals, chemical sites welcome biobased production units. What are the drivers for these industrial developments, their strengths and weaknesses? What are the challenges they face? What is the value created and how to share it? Chairperson: Ludo DIELS, Professor (ANTWERP UNIVERSITY) - A long-term partnership to create a new biobased value chain. What challenges and benefits? (AFYREN & SÜDZUCKER) - Bioconversion of waste streams into valuable bioproducts at demo scale (CENER) - KitoZyme – Fungal-based biopolymers. A tale of patience, tenacity and success (KITOZYME) - Evaporation and Crystallization applied to Biotechnologies (GEA PROCESS ENGINEERING) - The following company's subtopic is currently being finalised: (INEX CIRCULAR) Sponsored by: GEA PROCESS ENGINEERING

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