Plant Based Summit

Disinfecting agents, surface treatment: what innovations?

Sep 22nd | 04:50 pm - 06:10 pm


How can biobased products seize the opportunities offered by consumer expectations for plant-based products? The sale of biocides, virucides and other disinfecting agents of natural origin has become more widespread in recent years. How can probiotics be alternatives to chemical products that tend to be increasingly resistant to chemical agents and antibiotics? How can the biodegradability dimension be integrated into these products? What is a biofilm? In what way are they assets in the management of the surface state of materials? Chairperson: Wim SOETAERT, Director, (BIO BASE EUROPE PILOT PLANT) - Seaweeds: A promising source of antibiofilm agents against pathogenic bacteria (CNRS) - Development of new desinfectants by incorporation of biobased molecules (BERKEM DEVELOPPEMENT) - Development of new-to-nature tailor-made microbial biosurfactants (BIO BASE EUROPE PILOT PLANT)

The session's speakers