Plant Based Summit

Innovative processes and applications for wood chemistry

Sep 22nd | 03:20 pm - 04:40 pm


From the lab to the shelf, from niche to norm, innovative processes and applications for wood chemistry: what new features and functions can it bring to the circular bioeconomy? Chairperson: Florent Allais, Director & Professor of Green Chemistry - URD ABI - AgroParisTech - Bio-refining using stabilisation strategies (BLOOM BIORENEWABLES) - Plant-based adhesives go industrial in wood-based panels, to improve indoor air quality and environmental impact of your furniture and construction projects (EVERTREE) - Solving bottlenecks of modern biorefineries (METGEN OY) - Bioaromatics derived from lignin - a chemical intermediate for different applications (VITO) - Wood based Cellulose fibers and gels for applications in building chemistry products (JRS RETTENMAIER FRANCE) SPONSORED BY: JRS RETTENMAIER FRANCE

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