Plant Based Summit

When fashion turns to biobased textiles

Sep 22nd | 03:20 pm - 04:40 pm


In recent years, we have seen an acceleration of naturality in major retailers, partly through the use of more rational fabrics (organic cotton, increased use of linen and the multiplication of European certifications). How do retailers perceive the expectations of the end-customer and how do they adapt their ranges? Among the major trends in the textile industry, what are the innovative and breakthrough solutions that biobased solutions can provide? An illustration of these changes will be provided by shedding light on the renewed use of viscose and its increasing popularity thanks to more efficient and less polluting processes. Chairperson: Eric ALVAREZ, Business Development Manager (GENOMATICA) - Sustainable bio-based textile fibres (METSÄ SPRING) - Challenging the conventional and complex fashion & textile industry (MycoTEX) - Key sustainability challenges facing the yarn industry (SOLVAY)

The session's speakers