Plant Based Summit

2.0 Detergency, new biobased molecules & formulations

Sep 22nd | 03:20 pm - 04:40 pm


For several years now, we have been seeing "greener", better designed and more environmental friendly detergents on the market. Where do we stand from a normative, regulatory and sanitary point of view? What regulations govern detergents and ecocert / ecolabel certifications? The success of these products is encouraging us to find new surfactant formulations: from European plants, green solvents and bacteria. How do biotech processes provide access to these new molecules by combining innovation and performance? What are the formulation constraints related to bio-sourced products? What biocidal active ingredients of plant origin are currently available? Chairperson: Sascha NISSEN, Director of Sustainability, (A.I.S.E) - How to reconcile consumer expectations and the reality of the carbon footprint of laundry detergents? (PROCTER & GAMBLE) - Many Shades of Green’ in Cleaning and Sanitation Key considerations and steps towards “greener” cleaning (DIVERSEY FRANCE) - Aquasiloils®, a natural and an innovative alliance to create a green surfactant (GREENTECH) - Environmentally benign synthesis of home and personal care ingredients (WAGENINGEN FOOD & BIOBASED RESEARCH) - From plant based to waste sources (ECOVER)

The session's speakers