Plant Based Summit

High performance biobased materials & resins for construction

Sep 22nd | 01:35 pm - 02:55 pm


The construction industry is one of the main sectors where the shift towards ecological transition requires new codes and practices. Here again, the door is open to new biobased materials, but what about the reality of the market? What are the stakes and what support is there in terms of innovation and the insurability of innovative processes? What is the current status of regulations on the use of these materials and what is their environmental impact? Coating, insulation, bio-membrane, fiber, wood construction, binder, glue, bitumen with lignin: which functionalities for which performance for biobased products? What toxicology? Chairman: Adrien PALIARD (RESICARE) - Cork Composites role in product development (AMORIM CORK COMPOSITES) - TWB, a public actor - aimed at accelerating development in industrial biotechnology – collaborates in the Bioimpulse project (TWB) - PAVAROOF: How to get advantages to a fully biobased insulation system for flat roofs (SOPREMA) - The following companies' subtopics are currently being finalised: (H4A) (STORA ENSO)

The session's speakers