Plant Based Summit

New molecules for biopolymers & biomaterials

Sep 22nd | 01:35 pm - 02:55 pm


The new molecules from the plant represent a recognized added value today. What are the co-products or new technologies that make it as close as possible to consumer expectations? How can we combine well-being with circular economy? Chairperson: Joanna Dupont-Inglis, Head of EU Affairs, (EUROPEAN BIOPLASTICS) - Emerging Potential of Biorefinery Lignin through Additive Manufacturing (UNIVERSITY OF FREIBURG) - Transparent elastomeric blends of polylactic acid and ferulic acid derivatives for biomedical and composites applications (URD ABI) - From 100% green ester to oligomer in pla matrix (STEARINERIE DUBOIS) - Lactips Casein: a natural and functional protein that opens up new markets for manufacturers(LACTIPS) Sponsored by: INSTITUT CARNOT CHIMIE BALARD CIRIMAT

The session's speakers

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