Plant Based Summit

New available «green» financing opportunities on a European level

Sep 22nd | 01:35 pm - 02:55 pm


Europe is in the midst of a major change in its environmental policies, requiring a review of its financial plans. Green finance is gradually taking shape, but what is it all about? What capacity and what place can plant-based chemistry take in this new European project and in the activities of the new BBI? What are the criteria to benefit from it? Chairman: Christohe LUGUEL, Director Europe (IAR) - BBI JU: a high impact initiative for systemic changes in Europe (BBI JU) - Opportunities and challenges of investing in biobased business opportunities! (ECBF) - IBISBA - Industrial Biotechnology Innovation and Synthetic Biology Accelerator (TWB) - The following company's subtopic is currently being finalised: (PNO / ARTTIC)

The session's speakers