Plant Based Summit

Biobased skin care products

Sep 22nd | 01:35 pm - 02:55 pm


The wellness sector is undergoing significant transformations. Consumers tend to use more reasoned, more natural products, forcing suppliers to adapt their production chain. What contributions can plant-based chemistry and biotechnologies make from a qualitative but also citizen point of view (healthier and more environmentally-friendly products) while integrating into a circular economy model? What new molecules and new sources are emerging from this opportunity? What place for naturality in such a competitive market? Chairperson: Sébastien DUPRAT, Innovation and Development Director - Natural ingredients (YVES ROCHER) - New active ingredient to improve emotional well-being of sensitive skin (BASF BEAUTY CARE SOLUTIONS) - Soothing effect of eco-designed virgin coriander seed oil on sensitive skin (BIOTECHMARINE - SEPPIC) - How to unleash innovation sustainably? StarDesign Power as a great example (CARGILL) - Bio derived and biodegradable material for improved protection against the sun (DOW SILICONE) - Attribution of the senolytic activity of a Rhododendron ferrugineum (Alpine Rose) extract using the CARAMEL chemical profiling approach (NATEXPLORE SAS)

The session's speakers