Plant Based Summit

C-LEVEL PANEL: The long-term challenges of industry facing recurrent crises

Sep 23rd | 02:45 pm - 04:05 pm


Rising oil prices, economic crises, staff training issues... The industry is confronted daily with various issues that impact long-term strategies. How to make projections in a context where the price of raw materials is experiencing instability? How to ensure growth while overcoming crises that may arise? What are the challenges for plant-based chemistry in this context? Where is it unavoidable? Chairperson: Jérome ILLOUZ, Administrator, De Smet Engineers & Contractors (DSEC) - Beet sugar: a key resource for European biotech and bioeconomy (CRISTAL UNION) - SOLVAY - CLARINS GROUP Sponsored by: DE SMET ENGINEERS & CONTRACTORS

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