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Description of my product

Applexion™ ceramic membranes are the industry reference for microfiltration, as well as wide and tight ultrafiltration. The Applexion™’s range offers a large choice of geometries and cut-offs to meet with your process requirements as regards viscosity, molecule size, impurity profile, targeted purity and yields, available water for diafiltration, etc. as well as cleaning and sanitization procedures. Thanks to our 30-year experience with ceramic membrane manufacturing and utilization, the Applexion™ membranes are designed with the best compromise between filtration surface, hydraulic diameter and mechanical resistance. The ceramic monolith, together with individually engineered sub- and active- layers, ensures a high selectivity combined with high permeability for an excellent lifetime. The well-known Applexion™ module completes Novasep Process Solutions’ tangential filtration solutions for the industry. Extremely robust, the Applexion™ module is designed to provide the user with high-performance, easy cleanability and maintenance. Our industrial range also includes nanofiltration, with state-of-the-art organic membranes grades, showing high permeability combined with high chemicals resistance, insuring thus best compromise between performances and lifetime.

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