The event

The event



The congress

The 2023 congress is still focused on stimulating biobased product development through a market driven approach.

One-to-one meetings

Targeted business exchanges to meet major actors of the biobased market.

Exhibition zone

50 sponsors, all actors of the biobased market: manufacturers, start-ups, chemists, clusters, regions, development agencies...

Industrial sites visits

The congress participants are invited to visit one of the major French industrial (or research laboratory) sites on Thursday,
June 15, 2023.

PBS is the international event for bioeconomy where biobased chemistry actors and end-users build together tomorrow’s sustainable economy.

In June 2023, Plant Based Summit will launch its 7th edition in Lille, with an even sharpened positioning on the innovation, the co-development and its operational implementation for the necessary deployment of bio-based products.

It will be the opportunity for the participants to contribute to the evolution of plant-based, green and sustainable chemistry.


Biobased solutions’ markets

The focus of the PBS conferences is to stimulate biobased products development through a market driven approach:
Home care | Cosmetics | Paints, coatings, inks & solvents | Decorative furnishing | Construction  | Plastics and materials | Automotive | Packaging | Fashion, textile | Water treatment | Nutraceutical industry

The conference program will showcase how biobased solutions for everyday life will fulfil consumers’ expectations and benefit society. In 2023, the Plant Based Summit’s program will address the markets of Cosmetics, Construction, Packaging, Coatings & Paints, as well as Fashion & Textile, nutraceutical industry among other markets. The Plant Based Summit presents the latest developments and biobased solutions to more than 700 international public and private decision-makers. Participants to the conference typically include brand-owners, key players of downstream industries, producers of biobased intermediates, engineering, biomass producers and transformers, R&D specialists, investors as well as European and national decision makers. Speeches are selected based on their innovativeness and benefits for consumers and society. Presentations will be selected from the call for papers by the advisory board to join more than 100 high level speakers.