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Croscarmellose Sodium VIVASOL®

Description of my product

The Biobased Efficient Superdisintegrant for Pharma, Food, Home & Personal Care Applications. VIVASOL®, croscarmellose sodium, is a superdisintegrant specifically developed for manufacturing tablets and capsules. Its unique performance attributes have established VIVASOL® as a globally accepted product in the pharmaceutical and nutritional industries. The fibrous nature of VIVASOL® possesses a wicking effect, which is responsible for rapid capillary transport into the tablet matrix. As a result, the VIVASOL® use level can remain low while still providing superior tablet disintegration properties. JRS Pharma produces four croscarmellose sodium grades: VIVASOL®, VIVASOL® GF (GMO-Free), VIVASOL® GF LM (GMO-Free, low moisture) and VIVASOL® SF (Special Grade with very low methanol content). Their specifications and functional performances are similar. Benefits: · Fast tablet disintegration · Good flowability and mixing properties · Excellent API stability · Performs well in both direct compression and granulation processes · Cost-effectiveness · Guaranteed supply chain security Please have a look at: https://www.jrspharma.com/pharma_en/products-services/excipients/superdisintegrants/vivasol.php

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