PBS 2023

Natural additives for household products

Description of my product

The natural and renewable JRS additives for detergency, hand washing paste and household products are divided by function: - Natural scrubs (granules of cellulose, corncob, olives kernels...) for an alternative to plastic beads (PE / microplastic) : Various particle sizes and shapes are available (100 µm to 3 mm - spherical, powder or granule), our scrubs replace excellently the plastic microbeads . Our products are white or light brown (depending on your wish). They are also available under colored version. - Effect / Softening powders: Our effect powders (cellulose or fruit powders) give soft and silky textures to your products, allow to reduce the sticky effect of your formulations, are used as carrier agent for liquids (aroma, perfume...) but are also used as compression agent or disintegrant for all shape of granules or tablets (dishwashing, laundry or windscreen washer tablets). These powders are also used in carpet cleanings powders. - 3D - Stabilizers: Our stabilizers are mainly based on cellulose. Their structure is composed by microfibrilles giving better stability of the formed gel. Therefore, these stabilizers are very stable to pressure, pH and temperature. They allow to stabilize fillers, actives or pigments in suspension without increasing too much the viscosity. They can be also sprayed due to the thixotropic behavior. - Thickeners / Gelifiers: They are translucent to transparent and give viscosity to your formulations. Good compatibility with alcohols.

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