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Plant and Ocean Based Cosmetic Natural Ingredients

Description of my product

Based on cellulose (coming from wood), fruits and algae, the ingredients in the JRS Rettenmaier Cosmetics range are natural and biodegradable. They also bring many very interesting properties in all cosmetic applications: care, hair, makeup, sunscreen, spray lotions, baby care, dermocosmetics, compacted powders, solid cosmetics, etc. Survey of products: Natural EXFOLIANTS (alternatives to microbeads / plastic beads / PE beads): Ecocert / Cosmos certified ; Natural transparent thickeners ; Natural stabilizers: Ecocert / Cosmos certified ; Texturizing powders: Ecocert / Cosmos certified ; Sensory ultrafine powders (alternatives to plastic powders): Ecocert / Cosmos certified; Volumizing powders: Ecocert / Cosmos certified.

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