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RÄUCHERGOLD - Smoking Wood Chips

Description of my product

The Räuchergold smoking chips are 100% natural and quality products for better economic efficiency. Finished products are improved and smoke generators operation are optimized. These products are available as wood chips or friction logs for smoking foods (meats, delicatessen, fishes and cheeses). JRS offers five wood species for smoking food: beech, oak, spruce, alder and cherry. The Räuchergold products can also be used for wine and spirits refinement (under the brandname Best Oak), as carrier agent for the cultivation of fungi and bacteria or as litter for rodents and reptiles (under the brandname Chipsi). The use of RÄUCHERGOLD smoking chips allows: - Reduction of costs - Optimized operation of smoke generators - A protected environment - A better quality of the finished product Just only 0.1% of the cost of the finished product is charged to the "smoking materials" item. Small errors on smoking can have a significant impact on the finished products (such as taste or different color). The RÄUCHERGOLD products ensure the best reproducibility of the quality of the wood chips and friction logs and secures your process and finished products. Our smoking woods offer excellent traceability in accordance with the legislation on food products. In addition, the PEFC, ISO 9001 and HACCP certifications and the contaminant analysis are available for each batches. Kosher and Halal certified products. Associated terms: sawdust, smoking chips, wood chips, smoking agents.

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