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Description of my product

Our goal is to meet and maintain optimized performance during the lifetime of the equipment. Novasep Process Solutions offering includes digital solutions based upon newly in-house developed softwares, aimed at supporting ion-exchange and chromatography users for optimal production conditions. • RUN 4.0 provides a permanent and very accurate remote control of multi-column systems, assisting operators in their decisions for piloting units under optimal conditions and preventing from production drifts or unplanned stops. • PERFORM 4.0 is a digital guidance solution to optimize purification process parameters, available on a web platform. Based on a unique Novasep learning software, PERFORM 4.0 provides users with optimized data settings, every time new production targets are needed. • LINK 4.0 is an easy-to-use dedicated digital APP to simplify follow-up of purification equipment and management of consumables. CONSUMABLES Resin selection: thanks to its well-proven experience in various applications, to its robust laboratory methodologies for resin screening & selection as well as its large selection of XA resins, Novasep Process Solutions selects and delivers the best resin permitting to reach the most optimized production costs. Membranes: thanks to our 30-year experience with ceramic membrane manufacturing and utilization, the Kerasep® membranes are designed with the best balance between filtration surface, hydraulic diameter, chemical and mechanical resistance.

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