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REHOFIX MK Corncob granules

Description of my product

The selection of raw materials for the production of REHOFIX products is carried out exclusively in the main European areas for the production of cobs of corn seed. REHOFIX raw materials guarantee an optimal level of quality for all industrial applications developed: - very low humidity; - light color ; - homogeneous physico-chemical characteristics; - stabilized and healthy product; - biodegradable; - bio-based. Product Features : REHOFIX products are characterized by an extremely precise particle size distribution, high hardness, high density, excellent flow and very high absorption capacity. REHOFIX MK are available in a particle size range from 3 mm for the coarsest grades up to 100 µm for the finest grades. Main properties: Abrasive, Binding agent, Bulking agent, Filtration agent, Support for animal feed ... Areas of use: - Technical applications: surface treatments, polishing, cleaning, deburring, drying; - Animal feed: carrier for premix, antibiotics, flavors, drugs; - Animal hygiene: litter for pets; - Chemistry: improvement of the properties of chemicals, insecticides, fungicides, herbicides; - Filtration: filtration agent. Thanks to an easy powder flowability, due to the cubic structure of the grains, they are suitable for installations equipped with automatic dosing systems; - Detergency and cosmetics: hand washing paste, carrier of perfumes; - Sand effect for the decorations; And many other uses. Irradiated grades such as bleached grades are available.

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