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Wood fibers and powders / Lignocellulose: LIGNOCEL

Description of my product

With the LIGNOCEL® wood fibers and powders/ Lignocellulose range, JRS RETTENMAIER FRANCE offers high-quality and multifunctional products. In many industrial applications, these functional additives successfully meet the multiple objectives set in production, by the manufacturing process or for the product characteristics. LIGNOCEL® is bio-based, it comes from natural and renewable resources certified PEFC and is biodegradable. LIGNOCEL® is available in several forms: fibers, chips, powders, pellets and granules. The particle size starts at 40 µm for the finest grades and goes up to 5-10 mm for the coarsest chips or granules. Several species are available: hardwood (leaf wood) or softwood (spruce). Poplar, cherry, alder, oak, beech or fir species may also be available. LIGNOCEL® can be used in multiple applications, such as building chemistry, plant cultivation and protection, welding electrodes, wines and spirits refinement, seed coating, filtration, surface finishing and treatment, animal hygiene, animal nutrition, carpet cleaners, paper and cardboard, (bio)plastics, hand washing paste, tanning of hides and many other technical and industrial applications.

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