PBS 2023

Lixol Naturaglyp 100S - 100% biobased alkyd resin

Description of my product

Naturaglyp 100S is a long oil alkyd resin, composed with non yellowing fatty acids. Groupe Berkem’s Research & Development laboratory has worked on perfecting a 100% bio-based resin: NATURAGLYP 100 S, resin made from bio-based and renewable raw materials that can replace raw materials of petrochemical origin. One of the innovative and unique qualities of this resin is the use of a 100% bio-based solvent. This new bio-based range has been conceived for the formulation of high solid decorative paint with a low environmental impact. It offers the same level of performance as a conventional product: - Hardness over time - Good drying performance - Toughness - Resistance to ageing This solution is today addressing the decorative paints market.