PBS 2023

Biobased hydrocolloids for versatile applications

Description of my product

JRS, manufacturer of natural ingredients and plant fibers, offers biodegradable and economical alternatives based on natural and renewable origin to synthetic and petrol based thickeners, gelifyers or stabilizers. These are HPMCs (HydroxyPropylMethylCellulose), cellulose gels (MCGs = Microcrystalline Cellulose Gels), pectins and alginates. Most of these additives are eligible for Ecolabel, are eco-certifiable, are not subject to REACH registration and contain no VOCs. They also have the possibility of being able to reduce certain formulation costs. Examples of applications: Adhesives: alternative to acrylic thickeners Agriculture: for stabilizing / gelling / thickening spray solutions Human or animal food: as a thickener or gelling agent Cosmetics: providing softness and hydration Bitumen emulsions: as stabilizer / gelling agent (alternative to bentone gels) Paints: total or partial alternative to HEC (cellulose ethers) as well as PU thickeners Pharma: for liquid forms (syrup or nasal spray type) And many others…

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