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Functional Cellulose Gels by JRS

Description of my product

This is a water-insoluble, micro-crystalline cellulose that is processed with a water-soluble spacer in a special production process. The fiber-gel is a whitish powder that disperses in water, forms a three-dimensional network and that way can be used as a multifunctional additive in water-based systems. Called also MCG: Microcrystalline Cellulose Gel. Properties: Stabilizer / Thickening / Gelling Agent / Thixotropic, pseudoplastic / High stability / Natural and sustainable / Temperature stable / pH stabile (4-11) / Electrolyte stable / Easy handling / Easy to spray or pump / Compatible with many binding agents / Synergy with other thickening agents / Not sticky Applications in Life Science - Pharma Applications in Life Science - Feed Applications in Life Science - Food Applications in Life Science - Cosmetic Applications in Industry - Paints / Ready-to-use products (mortars, plasters, cement tiles adhesives, pigment paste...) Application in adhesives Replacement of bentonite with ARBOCEL fiber gel: Calcium carbonate slurry - Bentonite is responsible for stabilization Anionic bituminous emulsions - Bentonite is responsible for stabilization of the emulsion Ready to use putty - Bentonite is responsible for the standability on the wall Other Applications: Dispersion adhesives / Water-based ready to use products (plasters) / Undercoats and primers / Paper industry / Anionic bitumen / Agriculture / Detergency

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