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JRS Food Ingredients

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The 2 Basic Pillars The modular JRS Toolbox for modern, consumer-friendly foods is based on 2 basic elements: VITACEL® Dietary Fibers Cereal Fibers (wheat, oat), Fruit Fibers (apple), Vegetable Fibers (pea, potatoe, psyllium), Powdered cellulose, Fiber Compounds Fiber enrichment for tasty food with high consumer acceptance VIVAPUR® Functional Systems MCG Colloidal Systems (microcrystalline cellulose gel, wheat fiber gel), Cellulose Derivates (HPMC, MC), Functional Compounds (fat replacer, bakery, meat, stabiliser mixtures for dairy products & beverages), Alginates, Pectins, Tara Gum & more e.g. texturing systems from vegetable raw materials Applications: - Bakery ; - Meat ; - Dairy & beverages ; - Others : cornflakes, pasta, cereal bars, fish, vegetarian food, vegan food, sauces/dressings, sweets, instant drinks, fruit preparations...

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