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Willy A. Bachofen S.à.r.l.

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Controlled deagglomeration, dispersion and true grinding of solid particles in a liquid medium are the principal objectives of wet-milling technology. Particle sizes below 100 nanometres can be achieved, which other grinding techniques can often only achieve with restrictions.

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The WAB-GROUP is the undisputed specialist in wet milling technology and in dry mixing technology with its three-dimensional shaker mixers. For our international customer base from many industries such as paints & coatings, pigments and agrochemistry as well as life sciences, including applications in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and food technology, WAB counts as an innovative and reliable partner. WAB has significantly improved the performance of wet-milling technology with the development of the DYNO®-MILL KD, the first fully self-contained horizontal agitator bead mills. Over the last fifty years we have continuously developed the mills so that today we can offer a wide range of wet-milling solutions for applications in research, development, prototyping and production. We place particular value on providing good consultation and permanent after-sales service to our customers throughout the entire service life of our hard-wearing products (machines and aggregates).





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