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SILAB provides the cosmetics and dermo-cosmetics industry with effective and easy-to-formulate natural active molecules. Our range of unique, innovative and eco-friendly ingredients address the major orientations of active cosmetology: skin care and hair care.

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Industrial Biotechnology Companies

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SILAB is an independent French company. SILAB specializes in research and development, production and commercialization of biological active molecules for the international cosmetic and dermo-cosmetics industry. Always at the leading edge of innovation, SILAB selects and concentrates the best of Nature to offer efficacy-proven active ingredients compliant with current worldwide cosmetic regulations. Their active molecules from natural origin form a comprehensive range of products covering the major orientations of modern cosmetology. SILAB embedded its strategy on strong professional values - Independence, Excellence and Quality - and pursues the development devoted to its clients and its committed teams in the respect of SILAB’s dedication to corporate citizenship and social responsibility.







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