PBS 2023


Jun 14th | 01:25 pm - 02:45 pm


Chairperson: Jean-François KUNTZ (AIR LIQUIDE) * What kind of new natural ingredients emerge with solid and waterconscious cosmetics? (new needs, efficiency improvement, solidification of liquid forms) (JRS RETTENMAIER) * New sustainable CocoaDesignTM emollient (CARGILL) * Polyphenols, a new solution to preserve cosmetic formulations with plant-based extracts (BERKEM) * Enzymatic fruit waters: a new biobase for enhanced cosmetic formulation (BIOLIE) * Upcylced cosmetic powder from natural feedstock waste as alternative to microplastics powder (DOW) Sponsored by: RETTENMAIER FRANCE SARL JRS

Topic of the session

Personal and Health Care

The session's speakers