PBS 2023

Innovative processes and scale up

Jun 14th | 01:25 pm - 02:45 pm


*Chairperson: Johan DE CONINCK (B4C) * Development of green composites based on Brewer’s Spent Grain Fibres (BSGF) and determination of their mechanical, thermal and rheological properties (UNIVERSITE DE REIMS CHAMPAGNE ARDENNE) * Sugar beet as a sustainable source of inspiration for innovation in biobased chemicals and materials ; Galactaric acid as a platform molecule (COSUN) * Safe and Renewable Home & Personal Care Ingredients (Wageningen Food & Biobased Research) * Fermentation of lignocellulosic wastes to produce high value aromatic molecules (CPE LYON FCR) * Process modeling: uses and benefits on process design – biomass sugars chromatographic purification focus (NOVASEP) Sponsored by: NOVASEP

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Promising trend for emerging application

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